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Services Overview

When you engage the team at Inference Economics you’ll quickly find yourself involved with the highest standard of economic advisory. Whether the work is commissioned to us as a third-party, collaborative work to reach a common goal, or support for your strategic initiative we’re dedicated to ensuring success from start to completion.
Our agency model is an independent commissioned service that ensures we do the objective, unbiased research and analysis services for you.

Independent Research

Cutting-edge research that leans on years of academic knowledge and experience.


Using data to ensure that your program is meeting internal and external goals.


We use the latest statistical technology and economic models to understand the data that your organization generates.


A view of what may happen in the broader market environment, and how it may impact your organization.


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Our advisory model provides your organization or initiative the direction and technical capabilities that it requires to reach key objective results.


We help organizations grow and succeed by providing guidance on business decisions small and large, supplementing the business experience and knowledge of employees.


Directing a research program, knowledge management strategy, data management processes, or monitoring and evaluation group--working with key employees.
Our support model provides your team with the economics skills and feedback it needs to confidently execute on their goals.

Executive Education

Helping your leadership team understand ideas around strategy and economics, and how to think like an economist.

Research and Analysis Systems Training

Training on the technology and techniques that your team needs to be successful.

Peer Review

A second and third set of eyes to ensure that your economics-related work is of the highest quality possible.
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As a professional services company we’re happy to respond to both general inquiries and requests for proposals (RFP). Whether it’s a business opportunity or a general question we’re here to help. Simply click the button below to get in touch with one of our qualified economic advisors.