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Developed from the perspective of educators, researchers and practitioners of economic study.
Serving extraordinary organizations.
More often than not, we encounter difficult questions that require thoughtful and sophisticated answers. The challenge for many is having the capacity or in-house capabilities needed to gather and synthesize the right information. All organizations can benefit from the expertise that comes with knowing how to tailor research and build a story that informs an audience.

Leave that to us. We combine economics, statistics, and strategy development to create actionable insights that are creative and fit-for-purpose. Our team has several decades of publishing, teaching, and practical experience and our service offerings are designed to bring industry-leading expertise and capability inside the walls of your organization.
We focus on...
Public Policy
We provide rigorous analysis to help organizations, including government at all levels, to conceptualize and evaluate potential and enacted changes in public policy. Public policy also has direct and indirect consequences for many organizations. We help affected organizations anticipate and navigate the impact of public policy changes.
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We focus on...
Global Development
Organizations in emerging and frontier economies often face unique
circumstances and challenges. We provide specialized economic advising that takes into account these distinct factors to help organizations, including governments and NGOs, achieve success in global development outcomes. Utilizing context-specific analysis and existing evidence, we help organizations succeed in the presence of complex political and economic conditions.
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We focus on...
Business Strategy
Business success is rarely separate from the wider economic environment. We integrate macroeconomic, political, and societal information to an appraisal of business internal and industry analysis in order to inform strategic decisions. Our expertise and analysis provides your organization with the confidence needed to
grow and succeed.
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We focus on...
Negotiation Support
We help organizations at all stages of the negotiation process by using economic theory to inform decision-making regarding financial and non-financial outcomes. We help diagnose strengths and weaknesses of each organization and use rigorous economic analysis in support of their strategic direction.
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We understand that the majority of organizations will struggle to justify the cost or headcount of an in-house advisory capability. So, we work within your constraints to help augment your needs or up-skill your staff to perform economic research.

Our Services

The portfolio of services we offer has been designed to address the changing needs of organizations. This flexibility provides you the opportunity to enhance your capabilities or tackle an initiative head-on with confidence.

Economic Research & Advisory

Across a range of domain areas, we provide advisory services that guide and inform initiatives towards the creation of knowledge capital that affects a larger strategy focused on unlocking value and effecting change.

Personnel Training & Support

Data is only as good as the analysis applied to it, which needs to be informed by knowledge of the organization, the target use, and a theory of change. As accomplished educators, we work with your resources to up-skill their capabilities and build proficiency within areas of economic research and analysis.
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Our Areas of Expertise

Having a generalist's skillset is often not enough in today's environment. We concentrate our expertise towards performing specific types of work that are designed to straddle domain areas in a technical way with as much precision as the subject matter expertise in view.

Bespoke Research

Design and execution of academically-informed research leveraging industry-leading data analysis and reporting methods and practices.

Embedded Analytics

Guidance and direction for internal teams surrounding best practices for data gathering and collection for the purposes of economic research.

Economist Services

Leadership in the area of macroeconomic and market analysis to deliver rigorous outputs intended for a critical audience.
We've also mastered the following tools:

Our Engagement Models

Traditionally, economists have only been employed at organizations with massive head-counts or that operated in a narrow market especially vulnerable to external forces. However, organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from economic advising as no industry is immune from market forces. In addition to the two more common pricing models, we also offer our services as a “fractional” advisor - bolstering your organization’s economics analytical capabilities.


Enhance the reach of your generalist employees by working directly with our economists to improve outputs.
  • Leverage your existing non-technical staff
  • Dedicated hours per day
  • Identified as part of your organization


A fixed price arrangement aligns all parties around scope and objectives and passes delivery risk to the advisor.
  • Fixed scope and requirements
  • Scheduled availability
  • Works to de-risk your budget


Hourly accruals and expenses for project-based work in exchange for a set of pre-determined goals and accountabilities.
  • Time and materials costing
  • Pre-determined accountabilities
  • Available for initiative-related activities
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